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FTL is your gateway to the Indian ocean and the African continent. Our strategic locations allow us to ensure flawless service to various destinations thanks to our dedicated teams on the grounds. This is the key to our reliability as a logistic hub to Europe, Asia and Africa.

Our presence in Mauritius, Madagascar and South Africa are the steppingstones to seamless logistics as our expertise guides you through legal frameworks, dismantling complex procedures into simple steps to fully control the task at hand. Choosing FTL as your logistic partner means discovering the great synergy among our regional offices arising from strong values and cooperation… And much more.


Our headquarters, strategically located in Pointe aux Sables, mere minutes away from the Port Louis harbour, and our air freight office in Plaine Magnien, near SSR International Airport.

Our experience and resources as a leading freight forwarder in Mauritius.

Our team of trained professionals dedicated to perishable and dangerous cargo management.

Our extensive network of agents across the world.


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