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Perishable and Dangerous Cargo

You produce. We do the rest!

The shipment of perishable goods requires specific know-how in all the parameters enabling quality and integrity. FTL has the technical capacities as well as the experience in order to guide you through this highly sensitive operation.

Ranging from permits, post-harvesting, transport, packaging and special freight conditions requirements, FTL will offer you the proper guidance.




  • Advice on specific packaging
  • Export formalities
  • Shipping in controlled temperature
  • Delivery to client

FTL does everything.


  • Dangerous Cargo

  • Dangerous Cargo

  • Dangerous Cargo

… and Dangerous Cargo

At FTL, we are specialised in handling all kinds of hazardous cargo ranging from class 1 to class 9 by air and sea, subject to acceptance by carrier and authorities. 

Dangerous goods are handled by an experienced and trained team who hold Dangerous Goods Certificates. They make sure that the documentation and packaging of these shipments receive the highest priority while complying with all laws and regulations.

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